Mr. Hubba Dubba and the Trees of Pepper Pike


About the book

The story of Mr. Hubba Dubba came about one Christmas Eve as her son and she were going through a rough time in their lives. The two created the story and for the last fifteen years have made it a part of their Christmas tradition. Her mom has since brought the story to life by illustrating this sweet and special story. Here's hoping that this story can also become a part of your family's holiday tradition.
Cindy Fisher Hutchinson
Cindy Fisher Hutchinson leads a very active life between teaching middle school science and reading, coaching fast-pitch softball and being a mom. She lives with her family in Fayetteville, Georgia. She comes from a large family filled with love and creativity. She has been reading this story to her students for many years and after much encouragement from them and her family she decided to have it published.